Migration (Japanese)

This document clarify the big modification that should be modified applications for any versions.

Reference Manual (Japanese)

This document contains how to describe the Definition File and the Page File and API and so on.

Database engine specific information (Japanese)

What's the difference between db-engines, ex. FileMaker Server, PostgreSQL.

Expression (Japanese)

This document describes about the expression in the calculation field and the validation.

Sending mail (Japanese)

INTER-Mediator can send a email on the database operations. This is written by Japanese.

About Samples (Japanese)

This explains the each sample in the Samples directory.

The feature to make search page (Japanese)

This exploans how to work the local context features to be able to build without JavaScript.

Multi-clients real-time updating (Japanese)

If the same entity shows multiple clients simultaneously, the modification by one user can be affected to other clients within small perild.